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Sunday, 25 January 2015

Wow what a week this has been! Apart from getting a lot of orders through Storenvy's new system - Stripe - I was super busy printing and sorting out a Q&A video!
I filmed it, but it's super long (43 mins) so I think it'll be a lot of cutting for that hah.
I also booked my first tattoo this week!! This is crazy for me, I'm so excited, I'll definitely vlog as much as I can!!
I also created a brand new product for my printing website, which is secret for now, but it's super exciting.
I started using paid advertising for the first time in my life, and wow does it work! Thankfully I've got a few coupons, I'll probably not pay for it after my credit expires, it's quite expensive.
I also got an unboxing video from a favourite YouTuber - Frainyxo and I'm so happy that she took time to film and edit a video about my stuff! She's super lovely, please check her out.

Video is here!

The weekend is almost over, so it's back to print print print tomorrow morning, and I have a fantastic tattoo experience to look forward to at the end of the week!!

See you all next week, when I'll have my first 'ink' (is that the cool name or is that cringey??)


Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Title is completely optional

I am so happy to have finally finished Korra! This means my tutorial will be up soon. I've filmed both the screen AND me drawing onto the Cintiq (thanks to Sluggie for the inspiration again!) and so it should make for a good little video.
Anxiety about actually educating and informing people on something they're expecting from me is really horrible - I worry that they won't gain anything from it, or consider me egotistical or above myself.

We shall see!! I'm nearly at 1750 subscribers, which is utterly bizarre!!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

So this year I decided to do the Ghibli Zodiac!

Rat - Boh [Spirited Away]
Ox - Cows from Laputa: Castle in the Sky
Tiger - Catbus [My Neighbour Totoro]
Rabbit - Totoro [My Neighbour Totoro]
Dragon - Haku [Spirited Away]
Snake - Naja [Ni No Kuni]
Horse - Yakul [Princess Mononoke]
Sheep - Baatender [Ni No Kuni]
Monkey - Aye-Aye Sir [Ni No Kuni]
Rooster - Chicken spirit [Spirited Away]
Dog - Heen [Howl's Moving Castle]
Pig - Porco Rosso [Porco Rosso]

Cat - Jiji [Kiki's Delivery Service]
I'm quite chuffed with this, this is my third themed Zodiac since 2013 :)
You can order prints of this here: