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Thursday, 16 July 2015


I just really need to finish this in time for my convention next weekend. I'll be at Manchester Expo at table C8 near the entrance!! :)

Saturday, 6 June 2015

So life has been pretty hectic since my last post. We finally managed to move out of our wretched old place (if you watch my vlogs, you'll understand!).

I also hit two milestones on Patreon that unlocked weekly vlogs AND a mini artbook!

I am also nearly at 4,000 subscribers, and I'm almost at my lifetime goal of 5k. That's pretty mad, to me at least.

The main reason for my quiet blogging is my printing service has just skyrocketed this past month. It's CRAZY here. Seriously.

Anyway! Here's the drawing I did for Channel Frederator for their Saturday Morning Cartoons video this week :)

Monday, 9 March 2015

My first ever wide table went really well! We were at Majikkon, in Huddersfield, on March 7th. The table was 12ftx2ft and we had a great time setting it up! I really enjoyed spreading everything out, and knowing both MCM Expo London and Sunnycon are only single tables is starting to worry me, hah.
Sales were really good! I keep selling out of my Okami poster so I should get round to printing more.
My lunch was on the kawaii side - Pokémon noodles! Ryan laughed at me because apparantly I 'eat [noodles] like Korra'

My next convention is May22, in London! Excited to do London again, it's expensive but it's great fun.
I'm planning three cosplays that weekend! Will be building them from next month onwards.

April is all about Youtube and my printing service, which has launched a brand new product - custom printed sketchbooks!

I'm so happy to have finally got them up, and I even did a video about it on my FB page.
I'll be adding my own printed ones to Jellie Bee this week :)

I'm so tired though, I need a holiday :(